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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Ken and Sarah

Ken's been anxious the past couple of days. We've been talking every night for the past 5 days because he's worried about his future --- his social future, anyways. See, Ken lives in California today. And his girlfriend lives 5 houses away from him (Note: They're also both half-Filipino).

But Ken is going to NYC this spring. And he's worried about what will happen to him and Sarah when he leaves. Sarah is still thinking about whether she wants to go on to college or not. Ken thinks Sarah is too good for him. He says she's nice and sweet and friendly, and pretty, and sexy, and intelligent. 'Right,' I said. Every boyfriend's description of his girfriend. Typical, I thought.

He then sent me a picture of them together. And she was not just pretty. She was HOT!

I also got a chance to talk to her, and I've gotta say that she is pretty talkative and animated. But the whole 5 minutes we talked, all she could think about was the weather, and clothes, and Britney Spears, and the new wave of Avon products.


But see, Ken is not typical. Ken's going to NYC on a scholarship. Ken's a geek with a great smile. That's what I always teased him as, anyways. He was extremely intelligent, and had views that showed he was wise for his age. He knew how to party. But he also knew how to work hard. He was a cool guy who played basketball with his friends and joked around with them. But he also knew how to treat girls right. Ken was the ultimate heart throb who had girls falling for him left and right, who ended up being the Class Clown, Student Council President, and Prom King during his senior year.

But he picked Sarah. And he described her as all those things I mentioned above. (Fine. Never mind my two-cents' worth that she doesn't seem to be all that.)

Ken was in love.

And now, he's worried that she'll find someone else when he's not around.

What about the possibility of Sarah going with him and working in NY while he studied there?

He had asked her that. And Sarah had said, 'Oh that's sweet, baby, but if I'm going to live with you, I want everything to be laid out. I don't want to work. It would kill my social life. Our life.'


I asked Ken what he thought about this. He said he didn't want to force her. But he didn't want to lose her either.

Go Figure!

So to Ken, and to all the other Kens out there (please at least be smart enough to know that you're a Ken), go bash your head against the wall. Or try walking around blindfolded. You just might see what you're missing by being infatuated with sexy bods and gorgeous faces attached to air heads (pun intended).

And to Sarah....'Go watch MTV. Britney's on, dahlin'.



(moving along)