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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Lowest of the lows

Have an ex. We broke up because of this girl named Shai. But they never really formally got together, from what he tells me (of course, he could be lying, but I doubt he is). Now, we're friends. And I'm over him. And I'm assuming he's over me. However, my whole break-up theory was, he needed to go out there and find out stuff about himself for himself. because he's always had this view of himself as someone who was close to perfect ethics and morals (this, he could contend, but who really cares). Now, he's at an all-time low, and we still talk. And, sometimes, I can be a real good psychiatrist and a really bitchy ex-girlfriend in the same instant. Rarrrrr.

zhinesade: hmm...well, like i always said...if you need to experience it, go through the whole thing with everything you've got
ex-(rocker)-boyfriend: onga e... im kinda learning that now
zhinesade: :-
ex-(rocker)-boyfriend: im trying to be as low as i can stomach
zhinesade: yep.
zhinesade: you're a man. being a man is low enough