zhinesade's surreal world

everything about nothing

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Jack was her classmate in school, but they never really talked. Years later, they met by accident, and started keeping in touch. They sent messages to each other and exchanged stories. They found they had a lot of things in common, and decided to meet up.

That's how it all started.

Two years later, she had to force herself to end what they both knew was obviously going nowhere.

That's how it ended.

Or so she thought.

She was an addict, and he was her drug. It wasn't like she couldn't have anyone else. She could, she did. But whenever she felt him, saw him, she had to watch out. She knew she could fall back into that hole again, and it wouldn't be a pretty picture.

So Jack went up his beanstalk, and she had to make sure she never climbed that beanstalk ever again.

And he had to make sure he never went back down.