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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Cicadas OR NOT

I was supposed to write about how I think people around here are making such a big fuss about the Cicadas. They're harmless animals, except that they're very icky to look at (like flying cockroaches). I really thought that they'd be coming out in hordes (like how we see hordes in cartoons) but they didn't. Granted, there are a lot of them around (can't seem to go out anywhere without seeing them dead or alive), but eating them? Or wishing them all dead? Just because they look disgusting? Some people I see around here look more disgusting than them. Should I go out and say I wish they would just shrivel up and die? Ho-hum. Maybe I'm just one for the underdogs (or under-cicadas, as the case may be). hahaha.

Anyways, finals of American Idol tonight. Fantasia will win, hands down, unless everyone else thinks like me, and then maybe Diana will win. Which isn't very bad, considering AI winners haven't really been very popular after they won (Where's Kelly C. now?).


Going to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. I'm very, very excited. I think I'm way over-excited. In fact, I might start packing tonight....if I get home early enough. Have loads to finish at work before that. You think I better get back to work? Me too.


Friday, May 21, 2004

irony of a club

She was drunk. He was not. She had far too many Red Horse beers. Much more than she ever drank in one night before.
The club was crowded. She was dizzy and hot.She decided to sit down and stretch her legs out on the couch that she and her friends had claimed for the night. They were lucky they were friends with the waiter. He saved them a spot because he knew they'd be here tonight.
Her 2 friends went to the bathroom. They needed to freshen up before they all went back to dancing the night away. She didn't care to go. She was too drunk.
She was trying to keep her eyes open. But she couldn't see much. Two guys who were facing the other direction were blocking her view of the dancefloor.
As if sensing her stare, one of the guys looked around, and said something. She signaled that she couldn't hear him. It was the music. Too loud. And the buzz in her head was making it hard to concentrate.
'May I sit here,' he asked again. She could smell him. Unlike this whole place which smelled of sweating bodies, he smelled like a fresh bath and CK1. She nodded her head and looked away. He was not good-looking at all.
Yech, she thought to herself. She smiled. As if she was any better to look at tonight.
Her friends came back. And they snuck in between them (the guy was now talking animatedly to his friend who was looking at her). And they went back to dancing.
A bottle of Red Horse later, she was sitting beside the guy. And he was asking her for her number.
She laughed. She was impressed because he had grace. But it was also very funny because she'd be leaving the country in less than a month. And he was not her type. But he spoke in clear english in a low tone that made her think he was the most sincere person in the room. Or maybe it was the beer. She decided to just continue to let loose and dance the night away.
She came into the club, thinking she was invisible and as thin as air. She got out of there with a glimmer of hope in the invincible something.
And, outside the club, he looked a bit more attractive than she gave him credit for. And he still smelled good.
That was a start.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


So just in case you just tuned in, I have added a couple of small trinkets in this site...I added the Counter, the Weird Fact of The Day, and the Today in History which are all very itneresting. It also gave me a chance to play around with the template code a bit. Mind you, I don't have an educational background in coding GUI's. I do have memories of computer-based training I had around three years ago that dealt with GUI's. I'm trying to use what knowledge I still have in my memory banks of it. Hahaha.

I've started trying to be ambitious with my blog. I'm going to try and put links in the posts to see if I can do that...Hmm....Seems pretty easy enough. But first, I must try to find something worth linking to. Wish me luck!

Anyway, no one's used the comments yet. :( This makes me sad. Makes me think no one's looking at my site (very few probably are)...Hahaha. Oh well. Try it out, if you have a minute to spare, will ya. It'll be a big help to my cyberself-confidence.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


Posted this in my Friendster, but it just made more sense to put it in here....

1) What is your favorite song EVER?
Better Days, there's no easy way, how can i fall.

2) What is your hatest song EVER?
More than you'll ever know....yech!

3) Name one song that you think only you have heard of and really really like
Hindi naman ako lang, pero really old song that i like --- Used to Be

4) Perfect song for sex..
Feelin' Love by Paula Cole

5) If you were to join a singing contest, what song would you sing?
I turn to you by C. Aguilera or the proverbial 'I Will Survive' pero dapat di judge si Simon Cowell

6) What song would you want to be played in your funeral?
One Sweet Day (yung acapella version pls)

7) what song would really really make you cry?
nung grade 7 ako, the whole album of Gary V.

8) What song brightens up your day before goin'
to school, work...?
Any trendy, funky, hip song

9) First Tape/CD you bought?
yung album ni andrew e. para sa mom ko hahaha

10) Latest Tape/CD you bought?
i forgot damn...hahaha. nagpapaburn na lang ako kay cha kasi the past month or so e :-P iTunes rocks!

11) what is/are your song/s for ur ex/s?
dreaming of you, right here waiting, stay awake

12) what is the most painful song you've ever heard?
hmm...wala pa yata.

13) What is your favorite gospel song?
sa iyo lamang (gaya gaya kay carmen)

14) what song do u want to be played on your wedding day?
baduy, pero YOU by carpenters, and another song that escapes me right now.

15) what song would best describe your life?
Leader of the Band -- in a non-musical way.

16) what is your song for yourself right now?
The Rose by Bette Midler

17) what is your favorite party/groove song?
oh my, ang dami. siguro tipsy, toxic, and baby boy hahaha

18) what song did you use to sing all the time as a child?
crazy for you by madonna chaka the greatest love of all by w. houston without her drugs

19) what song makes you sleep?
wala yata. nakakanta ko most of the songs i listen to e :P

20) what song would you like to sing to the one you love?
Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love (nahawa na kay m'cha :P)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Araw ni Inay

pinahintulutang mabuhay, oo
dinala sa sinapupunan
ng walong buwan

walang kamalay-malay
na ang paghimbing na iyon
ang magdudulot ng labing-tatlong taon
kalunuran sa dilim
ng sinasabi mong pag-aaruga
sa isang buhay
na hindi naman hiningi
at kusa mo namang binigay

naisip ko lang
sa araw ng mga inay
habang naghihintay ka sa loob ng bahay
para sa mga rosas na hindi darating
para sa mga yakap na hindi mo matatanggap
para sa mga luha na hindi bubuhos para sa yo
magulumihanan ka kaya?

wala kang anak.

walong buwang panaginip mo ng pagdadalang-tao
labing-tatlong taong paghihirap nila sa piling mo
tapos na ang bayaran niyo

walang rosas
walang yakap
walang luha

wala ka nang anak

hindi ka kailanman naging ina.

Monday, May 10, 2004

New Cool Look

I like the new look. Unfortunately, I'm nut a BloggerPlus user, so no free additives in my site for me, except for capability for comments from people...(someone please try it out...should be flattering to get at least one comment, so I feel like someone's actually reading my blog hahaha).

Eh, who cares, anyway. Only a handful of my friends read this anyway. it's more for my sake than for anyone else's. Hahaha.

Sidebar: I've been surfing, and some people do take blogging to a whole new level (so much so that I am a little embarassed to publish any more of my very mundane thoughts). Very deep, serious stuff.